About Us

A company founded in Tahoe City, CA in 1997 under the name jfk Productions.  jfk Productions began shooting snowboarding, motocross, and local television commercials in Lake Tahoe.  In 1998 Owner Joe Kocsis became a part time employee for the world’s largest freestyle snowboard film company, Mack Dawg Productions.  Over the next few years Joe became one of MDP’s primary editors.  He also built editing systems based on SpeedRazor, years before Final Cut Pro existed, for several Tahoe based film companies including Cinemaseone.  In 2001 Joe moved to LA to pursue an editing career, but found LA’s 12 hours in a closet alone approach to editing too isolating.  He instead found himself working as a set decorator and art swing in Los Angeles until about 2005.  Among his art department credits are many Joseph Kahn videos including DMX: “X Gonna Give it To Ya”, Mariah Carey “Boy”, and Dido “White Flag”. In 2006, jfk productions was reborn as NoOneUKnow Films, and in January 2008, NoOneUKnow Films released a freestyle motocross video “775 : No One and Everyone”, featuring the freestyle motocross riders from the Reno/Carson, Nevada area (area code 775),  some of the world’s best riders, including X-Games medalists Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Matt Buyten, and Drake McElroy.  In late 2008 NoOneUKnow FIlms returned to Los Angeles.  Joe was the world’s first Ronin Tech, and was the Gimbal Operator on DJI’s 3 minute one take short film “Brainstorm”.  Currently, owner Joe Kocsis, works as a Phantom Technician, Drone Pilot/Drone Camera Op & Gimbal Tech in Los Angeles.  He is a PART 107 licensed Drone Pilot with over 1000 hours of  flight time.

Owner: Joe Kocsis